As a WAHM (Work at Home Mom,) I have been blessed with being able to dedicate quality time to my work, as well as being able to play an active role in my daughters’ lives. After the meetings are done, the contracts are signed and the homework is checked, I often find myself with my Macbook, working on my series of books on parenting.

As a volunteer for my local PTA board, I am also an advocate for education, knowledge, diversity; every day I stand in awe of what teachers and administration do in our children’ schools. These men and women are heroes, not only in my eyes, but in the eyes of the children they take under their wing on a daily basis.

This year, one of the teachers that continues to inspire me is Mrs. Jones. Each week my youngest will come home and talk about organic vs. inorganic shapes, colors, textures and everything in between. Since I am a creative soul, and my girls are creative as well, I thought it would be fun to have them start a project of their own. Perhaps to honor all the art teachers, who take such joy and care in teaching our little ones how to color outside of the lines.

Lil Bird Studio is a collaborative project with my two girls – ages 6 and 12. By having them work on the site, I am teaching them business practices they may not learn in grade or middle school. Additionally, the skills the girls learn from taking photographs and writing will be an on-going adventure. Watch for this new site to come alive in March 2017! It is dedicated to all of the creative “Lil Birds” (and Big Birds) out there! Even the ones who don’t know they have creative wings yet!