While writing is my first love, interior design has always been my second. There is something about beautiful fabric with textures that slide effortlessly through my fingers. There is something about walking into a room and letting it dictate how to feel. Whether formal, whimsical or slathered in shiplap and chalkboard, just like a person, every room has a chapter and every building has a story.

I’ve worked for a Tract Home Builder, a Custom Home Builder and an Interior Design & Architectural Detailing Firm. The latter was run by Todd Marckese, an extremely talented Designer who passed away from a heart attack around the same time as I left the company. Before opening his own Design Studio, Todd learned from the best at Marc Michaels in Winter Park, FL. He was also in the midst of starting his own furniture line. Back then I didn’t realize it, but today I also have a love for furniture. -Todd, I will always remember your, “anything is possible” spirit and your incredible drive for knowledge. And, I/ve carried your spirit with me on every design project since working for you.

Each job in the Design field gave me a new perspective on construction, design and how people truly live. And, I have been fortunate to be able combine design with writing, for companies like Arcadian Home and ApartmentFinder™.