Melanie Lawlor CooperLife is all about living well. But, it’s not about what everybody else is doing, eating or buying. It is what makes you, as an individual, happy. Each person’s happiness is subjective; no two lives are exact. I want to share who I am and what I do. You may have asked, you may not have.

For me, the perfect combination of the left side and right side of the brain – analytical and creative – is where I have found my “happy” – a nice balance of about 40%-60%. I am analytical in thought and process when dealing with issues, but creative in finding solutions; I believe that anything is possible. I like organized spaces and beautiful places. I like food, and I love people – good, honest people most of all. Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every minute. No regrets. It’s kind of what the Hokey Pokey has said all along, “That’s what it’s all about!”

Thank you so much for visiting! Thank you for getting to know me and reviewing my work. Please know that you are always welcome to check back to see new work that will be added soon!